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OPINION: Wasted Vote? Think Again!

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Effiong Edentekhe

So I went to Church with my fliers last Sunday and I was able to engage a few Nigerians while distributing the fliers…

As concerned as they were, their major problem was the certainty that casting their vote for the new presidential candidates and parties like Fela Durotoye and Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN) was just going to be a waste of their votes as the new candidates had little chances of winning the presidential election.

Let’s get this straight…

A waste ultimately describes something that adds no value to the individual, thing, system, organization, and in this case, a political party.

Putting that into perspective, the only way your vote will be wasted is when you give it to the political parties and to people who don’t need them to win the election in the first place—in other words, your vote adds no value to them.

But with the new parties and presidential candidates, your vote means everything in the world to them—in other words, your vote adds great value to them.

So, who would you rather vote for? For someone who doesn’t need your vote to win or for someone who desperately needs it to win?

A New Nigeria is desperate for the votes of Nigerians if it must be realized. A New Nigeria is starving for votes that it might bring true freedom to her people after many years of slavery by her own people. A New Nigeria is thirsty for votes that it might provide opportunities for all after many years of opportunities only for a selected few amongst her people.

If you thought voting for a New Nigeria was wasting your vote, you need to think again!

Don’t get it twisted, you can’t vote for a New Nigeria and waste your vote.

A New Nigeria beckons!

Vote ANN!
Vote the Lion!
Vote Opportunities for All!

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